Empowering Customers & Cities

Charting the Course for the Future of Energy

November 1 - 2, 2016 | Chicago, IL


Now is the time to collaborate on the future of energy and take action

The energy revolution is underway

Experts predict Energy is on the brink of a REVOLUTION in the way power is delivered and consumed. New technologies, increased pressure for demand response solutions and renewable strategies are accelerating at tremendous speed, don’t be left behind, join the visionaries and collaborators that will help shape the future of urban power solutions.

Gain insight into the future of urban power infrastructure

Collaborate. Experience. Transform.

Empowering Customers & Cities is a pioneer event, developed to change the energy conversation forever and chart a course for the future on energy usage and delivery. The two day event will bring together utilities, policy makers, energy providers and large energy consumers for collaboration around urban infrastructure solutions and insight sharing from those leading the way in transforming their businesses.

Join the Energy Revolution

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