Shay Reed

Energy Buyer

Shay Reed manages the energy purchasing and analytics strategy for Costco Wholesale, a $100 billion Fortune 50 company.  She brings over two decades of expertise to her leadership role, having held numerous of managerial and frontline positions with Costco.


In her current capacity, she oversees the $350M in energy costs for the 606 Costco Wholesale sites in the United States, Canada and Australia. She is responsible for the energy procurement process for the sites located within the competitive retail market space, reaching close to $130M in 2015, the initiative to capture utility use globally, Carbon Footprint and GHG emissions calculation, and the vendor management of over 85 third party relationships.

Her expertise in energy has resulted millions of dollars of cost savings for Costco Wholesale, ranging from new construction cost avoidance of approximately  $1M yearly for the past four years, recovery from billing errors anywhere from $150k annually and $100K on rate audits.

Her expertise in sustainable energy has helped Costco emerge as a corporate leader in this area, with renewable energy credits (RECS) management increasing by double digits annually for past 3 years.  She has helped developed analytical tools to evaluate the 80+ renewable projects currently in place, as well modeling analytics for future renewable projects.

Her expertise in analyzing workflow process in conjunction with business direction is placing Costco Wholesale at the forefront of optimizing potential energy cost reduction strategies.

Shay serves on the Board of Directors of Future of American Energy, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing more woman and minority college students into the energy sector and is a member of the Edison Electric Institute Customer Advisory Committee.


April 5, 2017

11:15 am  -  12:15pm

Energy Management Innovation

Utilities have longstanding programs to help large energy users, including those with a national footprint, get most efficient in their use of electric power. But in the new era of renewables, energy storage and ever-greater efficiency – what new efforts are utilities rolling out to help America better manage its electricity? What are more demanding … Continued