Empowering Customers & Cities is a groundbreaking event developed to change the energy conversation. This two day event will bring utilities, policy makers, energy providers and large energy consumers together for collaboration around urban infrastructure solutions and insight sharing from those leading the way in transforming their businesses.

Conference Advisory Board

Marty Rosenberg

Marty Rosenberg, Content Director,
Energy Times

Providing an understanding of the business, policy and regulatory drivers promoting distributed and green energy.

Rick Bush

Rick Bush, Strategic Director,
T&D World

Covering the pathway that enables the transfer of distributed energy resources economically.

Bill Wolpin

Bill Wolpin, Content Director,
American City & County

Addressing the major initiatives occurring in cities around the country to redefine their role in providing energy to citizens.

Steven Averett

Steven Averett, Content Director,
American School & University

Providing an understanding of how universities are taking the lead in demonstrating the use of green energy and the creation of net-zero energy neutral ecosystems.

Karen Field

Karen Field, Content Director,

Addressing how large industrials are impacting the energy ecosystem by developing and connecting their own delivery and generation systems to the grid and selling back into the energy marketplace.