Empowering Customers & Cities will gather a large network of visionaries, implementers, decision makers and influencers that are charting the course for the future of electric power generation, delivery and usage.

Join us to gain insight on urban infrastructure solutions from those leading the way in transforming their businesses.

Detailed Agenda

Why Attend?

Solar Panels
Hear from leading utilities on their strategies for investing in renewables and pivoting away from less desirable energy sources.
Power Lines
Learn how cities, utilities and policymakers are working together to reduce customer costs by deploying distributed generation.
Gain insight on how progressive utilities are addressing the key challenges of offering new services and solutions to customers while maintaining profits.
Be a part of driving the development and deployment of new utility service offerings focused on energy efficiency, microgrids, and load management for energy prosumers.
Meet community and government leaders that are successfully deploying economically feasible solutions for urban energy storage and delivering benefits to their key project stakeholders.

Who should attend?

  • Project Developers who are evaluating energy storage project opportunities and assessing potential sites.
  • Utility Operations Professionals who are operating, servicing and repairing equipment.
  • Financial Professionals who are working with investors on financing energy infrastructure projects.
  • Utility and Energy Service Provider Executives who are developing new business models, solutions and strategies for improving product offerings.
  • Policy Makers who oversee Utilities and set rules for the Energy Market
  • Facility Operations who are managing the needs of their organization; education, manufacturing, retail, hospitals, commercial and more.
  • Energy Buyers who are responsible for purchasing energy in bulk, energy conservation and load shifting initiatives.
  • Directors of Energy who are responsible for running and maintaining on site DERMS and purchase agreements with energy providers.
  • Engineers, Analysts and Electrical Professionals who collaborate with stakeholders to develop and maintain program implementation plans.
  • Management Consultants who work with Executives to develop strategies and business plans for energy programs and solutions.
  • Technology Architects & Strategists who design, oversee and implement the latest technologies that are driving new solutions and business models.
  • Grid Operations Professionals who are responsible for upgrading and adding flexibility to the regional grid.